The ITU and ironman are considering working together

The recent meetings between the two great triathlons, the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) and the International Triathlon Union (ITU) have opened the door to the possibility that the WTC (in charge of the Ironman events) could be the organizer in the future. of the ITU Long Distance Championship," according to a statement distributed by the ITU.

In the meeting between ITU president Marisol Casado and WTC Executive Director Messick Andrew, they discussed how to bring the regulations of the two organizations closer together and thus be able to work on joint projects to develop the sport in new countries. A new meeting has been scheduled for next month in San Diego, California.

These meetings mark a major change in relations between the two organizations as it has been the first time Messick and Casado have met since Messick became WTC general manager six months ago.

Referring to the confrontations that the ITU and the WTC have had, Casado affirmed that these issues are in the past: when we have met, I do not see any problem to work together ", and described his meeting with Messick as "very pleasant". .
The two downplayed any apparent conflict between the WTC 5150 series, (which was announced last year), and the ITU World Series (formerly the Dextro Energy Triathlon World Championship Series).

“We hope that this relationship with the ITU and working together will serve to promote the sport of triathlon,” said Messick. "We will continue to be able to define joint strategies and improve our sport."

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