The list of triathletes who have published their anti-doping controls

Several triathletes have joined the movement

During the month of December a movement led by Uli Fluhme, founder of the Great New York Fund to fight against doping on the sport.

Fluhme contributed several measures to have more control on doping as more controls outside the competition, non-linking with areas where there have been cases of doping etc.

Quickly, Jan Frodeno and Sebastian Kienle, the two Triathlon World Champions, published their controls to later do Patrick Nilson, James Cunnama, Cameron Wurf and Lionel Sanders

Well, now Uli Fluhme continues with his movement and has published the list with the triathletes who have published their anti-doping tests to date

They are:

Controls in 2019 of which IC of which OOC
Kienle, Sebastian GER 16 4 12
Frodeno, Jan GER 13 3 10
Weiss, Michael TUE 9 2 7
Nilsson, Patrick SWE 9 1 8
Wurf, Cameron AUS 8 6 2
Reed, Tim AUS 7 3 4
O'Donnell, Timothy USA 6 1 5
Sanders, Lionel CAN 6 5 1
Heemeryck, Pieter BEL 6 2 4
Cunnama, James ZAF 5 1 4
Levy, Max - AG GER 5 5
Beals, Cody CAN 2 1 1
Llanos, Eneko ESP 2 1 1
Junk, Antoine CAN 2 2 0


The document can be consulted in this link: Anti-doping controls published by triathletes

Jan Frodeno, continues to support the movement

The German continues to support Fluhme and has published the following tweet on social networks

«Thanks for putting this together @ulif. I believe that publishing our tests can lead to establishing a starting line to see where we can improve doping tests, at least in terms of frequency and location.

Anyone who wants to join, do not hesitate to fill in the document»

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