The agonizing arrival of the Brownlee, nominated as the best moment of the sport in the last 20 years

It was in the Grand Final of the 2016 World Series in Cozumel and it has remained in the minds of many athletes.

Almost 4 years ago of this image, it was in the Grand Final of the 2016 World Series in Cozumel and it has remained in the minds of many athletes.

It was the agonizing end of career where Alistair Brownlee I help his brother Jonathan, virtually unconscious to cross the finish line to save the world title.

The test that won Henry Schoeman, facilitated Mario Mola, who finished fifth, surpassing the youngest of the Brownlees by 4 points, getting the world title. Jonathan entered second position pushed by Alistair who was third.

The images of the moment

  The "Brownlee Moment" nominated for the best of the last 20 years

This is the description of the nomination.

"In an unforgettable and heroic moment in the Triathlon World Series in Cozumel, Mexico, British runner Alistair Brownlee gave up his chance to win the race by stopping to help take his younger brother to the finish line.

It was an image that captured hearts and minds throughout the world. Jonny Brownlee, about to become world champion for the second time, tripped and disoriented to the side of the road, very close to the goal.

Without hesitation, Alistair, who had been running after his brother, stopped to help him. With his arm around Jonny's shoulder, Alistair led him over the last few yards, pushing him across the line to come in second place.

Describing the situation, Alistair said: "If he had retired before crossing the finish line and there was no medical support of any kind, it could have been really dangerous." It was a natural human reaction to my brother, but to anyone, I would have done the same. I think it's as close to death as you can get in a sport."

The act of kindness and sportsmanship was shared thousands of times and continues to inspire and unite fans around the world.. "

The vote

As usual every year, the academy Laureus World sports nominate several athletes and various special moments of the sport that have marked an era.

This year, the triathlon is represented by the Grand Final of Cozumel, with the Brownlee brothers as protagonists.

To choose the best moment, the organization has launched a public vote for the public to decide the best time, which will be published on February 17 in Berlin.

Voting takes place between January 10 and February 16 and will be for qualifying rounds.

You can vote at this address: 

All nominated moments

On this page, you can find all the nominated moments

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