La Nucía "City of Sports" will host the closing of the National Duathlon Club Leagues 2023

La Nucía "City of Sports" will host the outcome of the National Leagues of Duathlon Clubs 2023 with three exciting days in the vibrant Spanish championships of SuperSprint Club Duathlon, SuperSprint for Clubs 2×2 y Relay Couples.

The tests will be held on April 22 and 23,

All the events will be held on the indoor courts of La Nucía and can be enjoyed comfortably from the stands of the Camilo Cano Olympic Stadium.

The facilities offer a particularly spectacular experience for the last and decisive days of the league on the days 22 23 and April.

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The evolution of sports facilities in La Nucía

In tests previously held in La Nucía, clubs from all over Spain have witnessed the rapid growth of infrastructures designed exclusively for sport and the well-being of athletes.

In this year 2023 it will have new facilities such as the new La Nucía Football Center and the new accesses to the Ciutat Esportiva.

Review of the Duathlon Championships in La Nucía "City of Sports" 2022

The national Duathlon SuperSprint championships in La Nucía "City of Sports" inaugurated the 2022 National Duathlon League, with the clubs CEA Bétera, Peñota Dental Alusigma, Saltoki Trikideak and Diablillos de Rivas taking center stage.

El CEA Bétera achieved double success on the first day by obtaining gold in the female category of the First Division of the national Duathlon SuperSprint by Clubs, as well as in the Couples Relay.

Saltoki Trikideak won the Men's First Division in the Club SuperSprint, and Diablillos de Rivas did the same in the Couples Relay.

On Sunday at the Camilo Cano Olympic Stadium, the CEA Bétera once again surpassed its competitors in the Women's First Division and completed the weekend with its third Spanish championship, the SuperSprint Duathlon for Clubs 2×2.

In the Men's First Division, Penota Dental Alusigma conquered the championship, demonstrating equality between the teams aspiring to the league throughout the entire weekend.

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