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The paratriatelta Susana Rodríguez cover of TIME magazine

One of our best paratriathletes, Susana Rodríguez has been the cover of this month of the famous TIMES magazine.

Susana was born with albinism in the city of Vigo in 1998 and although she has a visual disability it has never prevented her from enjoying her profession and her passion, sport. Susana is a doctor and has managed to be at a high level both on a personal and sporting level.

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The review has launched a special of the Tokyo Games, but from another point of view and has wanted to show the stories of Susana and 5 other athletess who have fought against Covid in their countries and will now compete in the Olympic or Paralympic Games in Tokyo

Susana in her networks commented

“Something as simple as my daily life surprised TIME magazine, … Paralympic sports and medicine together in times of pandemic … landed me on the cover … Thank you. Now is the “TIME” for Tokyo!”

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