PTO deletes Kristian blummenfelt's record from its website

Just a few weeks after the stratospheric time that the Norwegian triathlete achieved Kristian Blummenfelt in the IRONMAN Cozumel with 7 hours 21 minutes 12 seconds the PTO has removed it from its website.

Cozumel was Blummenfelt's debut in the distance and with the time achieved it provisionally became the best time of all time in this distance.

Although that time was the fastest to date, we had to wait for the official status of the brand by IRONMAN or World Triathlon.

In the first moment the PTO did post the record on their website but a few days ago he deleted it from his website and was replaced by that of Jan Frodeno in the Tri Battle in the duel with Lionel Sanders .

Capturing Blummenfelt's record in the PTO screenshot of Blummenfelt's PTO record 25/11
Current catch of Frodeno's record in the PTO
Current catch of Frodeno's record in PTO 13/12

The reasons why this time has not been recognized are not officially known, although it could be that swam with the current Or that swimming circuit was somewhat less than the 3.800 m standard, which is an advantage over other tests.

For its part, IRONMAN has not recognized the Cozumel or Tri Battle record. The official record J has it from the distancean Frodeno at Challenge Roth 2016 with a time of 7: 35: 39

It will be necessary to see if they validate it in the next duel that we see in the sub7 where the Norwegian or the British Alistair Brownlee They will try to get off at 7:00 in IRONMAN.

There are no previous results.

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