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PTO Launches New Circuit With $ 5,5 Million In Prizes

The PTO continues to add to the world of triathlon and launches for the 2022 season the new circuit PTO Tour with 5 competitions that rthey will distribute 5,5 million dollars in prizes.

This new circuit will consist of 5 tests where the best triathletes in the world are expected to be, since in each test at least $ 1 will be distributed in prizes.

The competition with the most economic prizes will be the Collins Cup, which will distribute 1,5 million.

All the professionals will have prizes since they will pocket 2.000 dollars for finishing the race in last position.

List of prizes

  • Open canada: 1 million dollars.
  • Collins Cup: 1,5 million.
  • US Open: 1 million dollars
  • Asian Open: 1 million dollars.
  • Europe Open: 1 million dollars

PTO Tour Calendar

The tests that will be played are the following: The Canadian Open in  Edmonton on July 23 and 24, the Collins Cup in Slovakia on August 20 and 21 and the last one the US Open in Dallas on September 17 and 18.

To these tests we will have to add the Asian Open (2023) and the European Open (2023) but the date is not yet known.

  • Canadian Open (Edmonton, Canada), July 23-24
  • collins cup , Bratislava, Slovakia 20-21 August
  • U.S. Open (Dalas, USA), September 17-17


The format of the competition will be very different and will compete on 2 km of swimming, 80 km of cycling and 18 km of running.

There will be two competitions, one male and one female with 40 participants in each of them that will correspond to the ranking positions.

Competition in Age Groups

There will also be an option for age groups to compete in these races, being able to participate in the same circuit as the professionals.

Learn more https://events.protriathletes.org/

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