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The situation of Russian triathletes for the 2020 season

The sanction imposed by the AMA will not let them compete under the Russian flag

Yesterday, WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) announced that Russia will receive a sanction 4 years which implies that nNo Russian athlete can participate in the Tokyo Olympics under the Russian flag nor in any official competition.

In the same sanction, he left open those athletes who prove their innocence can participate under the neutral flag

The antecedents

A little over a year ago Russian sport seemed to have finally come out of the tunnel, Russian athletics was removed from the Rio Games by state doping, with the partial rehabilitation of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA), which was at the expense of the revision of the Moscow Laboratory database.

However, Russia suspended the test, among other things, due to the manipulation of said database, which includes both physical tests and computer data, with the alleged purpose of covering up doping cases.

What happens in triathlon?

In the case of triathlon, triathletes will surely be able to be in both the Olympics and the world series if show they are not in doping programs origin of the sanction.

It is true that none of the Russian triathletes who participated in the WTS are in leading positions, being Ilya Prasolov the best classified in the 72nd place

In the case of the Olympic Ranking, Russia has 3 triathletes qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, 2 women and a man, Dmitry Polyansky, Igor Polyansky and Alexandra Razarenova, who are the first in the Ranking.

If they can prove their innocence, they will be able to compete in the 2020 season under the neutral flag.

In Rio 2016, Russia was already sanctioned and the Polyansky brothers participated under a neutral flag although they finished far from the Olympic diplomas (31st and 32nd)


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