The triathlete Anja Knapp hit while training

The European champion in 2013 has been attacked by a vehicle breaking an elbow and two ribs

According to the German newspaper , the German triathlete of 30 years Anja Knapp  that he was training in Tiszaujvaros to compete in the World Cup this weekend, has suffered an accident where have you had fracture of ribs and an elbow besides several wounds.

The bicycle has been destroyed as you can see in the picture, although it has been lucky since no serious injuries have been detected.

Triathlete Anja Knapp run over while training, image002-5
@ anja.knapp / Anja Knapp's bike after the accident

Anja is usual in the WTS circuit as well as in the ITU World Cups

From Triathlon News we wish her a speedy recovery

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