The UCI considers "very strange" that USADA "continues to seek evidence" against Armstrong after convicting him

The International Cycling Union (UCI) has confessed its "concern" about the development of the case of Lance Armstrong, since it has not yet received the documentation of the case that must be sent to it by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and considers it "very strange" that said agency "continue to seek evidence against a person whom you have found guilty."

“The UCI wonders why USADA is taking so long to provide its reasoned decision and case documentation. The information says that it is delayed because it is still collecting evidence and has yet to complete its file, "says the UCI statement.

The UCI president himself, Pat McQuaid, is surprised by this delay. “It has been over a month since USADA decided to sanction Lance Armstrong. We think that at USADA they were better prepared before starting this procedure, ”he laments.

The body's text continues by saying that "it would have been more useful for USADA to have used the time of the Tour de France, the Olympic Games and the World Championships to prepare the case in its entirety instead of making announcements."

“It is strange to say the least that USADA continues to gather evidence against a person after having found that person guilty. The UCI assumes that the reasons for any difficulty in gathering the evidence will be explained by USADA", warns the UCI, which has been aware of the situation "through the media and not through any official USADA communication". “The UCI will respond as soon as it receives the file”, he concludes.

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