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The ITU approves changes in the competition regulations for 2019

They will be applied from 1 of January of 2019

The Executive Board of the ITU, has met in Luxor (Egypt) has approved some significant changes in the competition regulations for the 2019 season. The changes, which include sanctions, appeals, water temperature limits, water quality, eligibility, changes of nationalities y mixed relay formats, among others, they will be applied from the 1 of January of 2019.

"Our Technical Committee, along with other committees and the Sports Department, have worked very hard during this year to adapt our rules to the new circumstances and try to have a more secure and fairer playground than ever before.“, said the President of the ITU and member of the IOC, Marisol Casado

"Our team has studied all the cases and scenarios, especially some rules that affect the changes implemented in recent years, they have been changed obsolete and some others have been updated to guarantee the best conditions for all our athletes and our events. We will implement procedures to further support our Technical Delegates around the world of the growing challenges that arise primarily due to environmental conditions.

The goal is to make our events even more spectacular and fair for all athletes, and implement new rules and competition possibilities to continue growing our sport said Gergely Markus, ITU Director of Sports.

Changes in the penalty if you do not attend the Breafing

In the 2019 season, Athletes or Paratriathletes who arrive at the Briefing after the session has started or have not attended the session, but who have informed the Technical Delegate of their absence, will receive a time penalty in the T1 instead. of a delayed departure as happened last year,

In addition, athletes who miss the Breafing due to force majeure and who have informed the Technical Delegate of their absence, may file an appeal against the decision of the Chief Arbitrator on the penalty before the last 2 hours before the competition begins.

Penalty if you do not complete the previous procedures

Also related to pre-test procedures, athletes can be penalized or not allowed to participate if they do not respect the registration times, that is because in many cases there are athletes present who are included in the waiting lists and hoping to get a place in the test.

Official results may be modified by reviewing an appeal

The appeals and protests procedure has been revised to improve its application in any type of event and in all categories, so that from the 2019 year the official results can be modified by the Court as a result of an 2 level appeal, or by CAS as a result of an 3 level appeal.

This means that athletes who meet a penalty may, after finishing the race, appeal against it and, if considered, the time will be updated, but only with the 2 cases mentioned above.

Change in the control of water temperatures

One of the new rules approved by the Executive Board modifies the water temperatures in which the swimming segment can be contested in super sprint distance and mixed relay races. The procedures have been clarified when the official water temperature is determined.

New type of competition: 2 × 2 Mixed relays and relays in aquatlon

The new rules introduce the new 2 × 2 Mixed Relay competition type for all types of triathlon, and also presents Relays in Aquathlon. An 2 × 2 team will always be composed of 2 athletes, a man and a woman, who will compete in the following order: woman, man, woman, man.

Each of them will cover twice a complete aquatlon, a triathlon, a cross triathlon, a uatlon, a cross duathlon or a winter triathlon depending on the type of competition.

The total time for the team will be calculated from the start of the first athlete until the second test ends the second athlete. The ITU can allow teams from mixed nations in specific competitions.

Changes in the classification system in Mixed Relays

The Mixed Relay qualification for ITU events will now be based on the Mixed Relay World Ranking, and the rules will also be updated with respect to breafing and the composition process of the relay teams.

Athletes will not be able to compete in more competitions between the 24 and 36 hours

The Executive Board also approved that athletes may not compete between 24 hours, and 36 hours, in the same event in more than one triathlon when a test is in Olympic distance or longer. The 24 hours are considered from the start of the race until the start of the other race the next day.

Changes in the Paratriathlon

In Paratriathlon, the rules were updated in the departure intervals for the PTVI and PTWC classes, in addition to the use of wetsuits for paratriathletes at 24,6C. The new rules also made some changes to the specifications of the handcycles.

The Board also approved updates to the decision-making process related to Water Quality by introducing a matrix that takes into account the results of water quality, sanitary inspections and the weather forecast to ensure a safe environment for water users. athletes

The next revision of the rule is expected in two years at the end of 2020.

You can check the updated regulations in the following links

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