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Mario Mola: «Javi's return will raise the bar again»

This weekend Javier Gómez Noya will participate in a WTS in Bermuda

Mario Mola, talk about Javier Gómez Noya in an interview published in the Majorcan newspaper, after his concentration for the Bermuda WTS this weekend.

On the return of Noya to the WTS Mola commented:

I look forward to sharing a concentration with Javi Gómez Noya. And yes, I think it will raise the bar again. I hope and trust you to recover the level of before; that returns to compete well. Personally, I want to share a trip and concentration with someone who has always been a reference

He also talked about the quality of La "Triarmada"

Yes, what is clear is that to be able to integrate this team, everyone has shown ample quality. The Talaverano Fernando Alarza was third in the first test. in Abu Dhabi. And the Vicente "Chente" Vicente Hernández comes from winning an 70.3 in Peru. All of us who will leave in Bermuda will have options.

There are not too many roosters, in the same pen?

No. It all comes down to a question of character. If people are able to differentiate the competition from coexistence; If you look for a pleasant atmosphere at dinners, meals. So, being surrounded by competitive people does not have to generate problems. We all understand it. And we take advantage of being able to have people of first level around us.

We are lucky to get along very well, both in the Spanish team and in my training group. Integrated, among others, by the Frenchman Vincent Louis and the Australian Jacob Birtwhistle, silver and bronze in the last World Cup.

And about Alex Yee?

I think he has quality, talent and time ahead to be a future world champion; or to be in a position to win races. It has a last segment, the one of the race on foot, brutal. His times are impressive, not only as a triathlete, but as an athlete. As it continues to progress in the first two segments, I think that it will be someone important in the near future.

Do you see Vincent Luis and Birtwhistle as their direct rivals for the title?

I hope and trust that they are. Both Jake and Vincent Luis will be. But they will not be the only ones. There will be others, like Fernando Alarza, the French Leo Bergere; the English Jonathan Brownlee or the South African Henri Schoeman.

It is still early. We must wait for the first races to pass to see how everything is going; and who will end up focusing on the World Cup and who in other things.

Do you plan to do all the WTS or will you skip any?

A priori, my intention is to dispute them all. My goal is the World Cup. Mid-season is the trip to Canada, before returning to Europe to compete in Hamburg and return back to Canada.

It's going to be an important tute, but I think it's important to be in the races. And if one competes well, they are points that he takes away from others.

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