The XIV Triathlon King's Cup will gather more than a thousand athletes in Pulpí

The XIV Triathlon King's Cup will bring together more than a thousand athletes from a hundred teams and clubs from all over the country in the municipality of Pulpí. The deputy for Sports, Ángeles Martínez; the mayor, Juan Pedro García; the Sports Director of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, Felipe Gutiérrez; and the president of the Andalusian Triathlon Federation, José Manuel Merchán, have presented this test this morning at a press conference that will take place from Saturday, at 15.00:13.00 p.m., until Sunday at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.

The Pulpí Triathlon is already celebrating its twenty-fifth edition and it is going to do it in style, hosting, once again, the Copa del Rey de Triathlon and, on the other, the Spanish Aquathlon Championship. In this sense, the deputy for Sports has highlighted the importance that this sport is acquiring in the municipality and in the province of Almería: “Pulpí is today a reference for the national triathlon and it is thanks to its commitment to this sport. Very few events reach this maturity and also does so in top form. Without a doubt, it is one of the most important events in the province ”, she assured.

Ángeles Martínez has highlighted the participatory dimension of a sport that is increasingly present in society and the contact it has with nature. "These tests become a magnificent vehicle to promote the territory and this is where the Diputación is interested in promoting and collaborating with the Pulpí Triathlon and other activities. We think that Almería has great possibilities for the development of sports in the natural environment ”, she added.

For his part, the mayor from Pulpil wanted to thank the Provincial Institution for its commitment and commitment to this sporting event. "I want to thank the Diputación for continuing to bet on the sport and on the Pulpí Triathlon, in these difficult times the Pulpí Provincial Institution has maintained the subsidy it grants for the celebration of this event. I also want to thank the efforts of AD Galián and how not to thank all the small businessmen and merchants in the municipality for collaborating and sponsoring this event and the members of Civil Protection and Local Police and all the volunteers who are involved in this test.

Juan Pedro García has explained what are the reasons that lead the City Council to support the Pulpí Triathlon. “We have two goals: First, to promote sport, which is something positive and beneficial for society in general and for young people; and, on the other hand, promote the beaches of Terreros and our town. We must bear in mind that athletes and their families from all over Spain visit us during a weekend who have the opportunity to get to know the beaches and our municipality and then spread their charms ”, he explained.

For his part, the Sports Director of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, Felipe Gutiérrez, has highlighted that the Triathlon King's Cup was born in Almería and that Pulpí is going to host this event for the fourth time -it already was in 2000, 2002 and 2007-. In this sense, he has thanked the Diputación, the City Council and AD Galián for believing in this event. “On Saturday, in the XIV Copa del Rey there will be a total of 100 starts –every two minutes- and the type of test is Team Time Trial; while on Sunday the Spanish Aquathlon Championship will be held in which there are more than 430 registered. Between the two there will be more than 1.000 participants ”, he explained.

Finally, José María Merchán has "reiterated" his gratitude to the two institutions for maintaining their commitment to this elite event. “The one in Pulpí is one of the most important tests of the Spanish Federation. Saying Triathlon is saying growth, enthusiasm and hope. It is one of the sports that is setting a trend and Pulpí has ​​helped Triathlon a lot because it is an example at a participatory level due to the commitment of a town, a club and some institutions "

He has also ensured that "during this spectacular weekend" which will provide an economic boost to the municipality, since it is estimated that the participants -to which the companions will add- will spend an average of 150 euros, will also be counted with the presence of an elite athlete such as María Pujol who is the image of the promotional poster of the event.

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