The UCI desposee to Armstrong of its seven Tours of France

Lance Armstrong no longer won seven Tours of France. He won none, because the UCI has decided that the evidence that the Texan cyclist was doped during those years of glory (from 1999 to 2005) are conclusive and weigh too much. So now there is new official truth and Armstrong, who was one day the model of sportsman in which many were fixed, is the fallen angel and dispossessed of his best victories.

The UCI has explained today that it recognizes the sanction imposed by USADA and that it will not appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. "Armstrong has no place in cycling," said UCI President Pat McQuaid.

“It is a milestone for cycling, which has suffered greatly from the impact of this report. My message to cycling and to the sponsors is that there is a future”, McQuaid said to explain the decision of the body that he directs. That decision puts the lock on the chest in which USADA, with its 202-page report and several hundred attachments, has enclosed the Armstrong legend.

That report was broadcast to the world at the 10 in October, to the derision of someone who until a few years ago was a model for society, and demonstrates (now also for the UCI, about which suspicions have also been spilled) that Armstrong, in fact, he was at the head of an effective doping plot with storms of bullying with anyone who did not follow the flow. "The tests show beyond any doubt that the US Postal cycling team launched the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program the sport has ever known," said the text, which is the highest body in cycling. world certifies with its decision. The report is supported by testimonies of 26 people. Among them, 15 cyclists, ex-partners like Hincapie, Zabriskie or Vaughters, whom Armstrong said: "Now that you also use EPO, you can not write a book about it." There are also records of payments, emails, scientific analysis and police reports.

A whole arsenal of evidence put at the disposal of the UCI, which has not had mercy. It had all started at 2010, with emails sent by Floyd Landis, former partner and friend of Armstrong, to the USADA, in which he reported blood transfusions, the widespread use of EPO in the equipment and trips to Girona (the Spanish plot). Based on this material, and pulling the thread that were providing partners and documents, the USADA, an independent agency but funded by the United States Government, put in a document that which others had spoken before in research books.

Just two weeks ago, the document was made public and caused a sensation because it told, in detail and with precision, how Armstrong built his legend about the deception of doping. And today, the UCI has closed the case and has confirmed that also for the maximum body of cycling, that document is the new truth. Armstrong is doped and for that reason, he is no longer the brightest champion who went through the Tour de France.

Source: the Country

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