Lanzarote becomes epicenter of triathlon

In Lanzarote the land beats at a slow but powerful rhythm, like that of the volcanoes that sleep under its skirt. Perhaps that is why athletes find a paradise on this island, because the earth beats at the same pace as their steps.

Lanzarote calls for adventure and deed and that is why it has become the ideal setting for a test such as the Enduroman, a triathlon festival designed for lovers of challenges.

In February of this same year, its first edition was held with resounding success and since then the organization, run by the Enduroman label and the Cabildo de Lanzarote, has been working on the second installment, which will take place on February 4 and 5, 2012. The event, which will be sponsored by LA PROVINCIA / DLP, will bring together the best international triathletes in Lanzarote.

Félix Andrés García, director of the Enduroman of Lanzarote, affirms that, according to scientists, the climate of Lanzarote makes it an "ideal island for the human species". It is also a land that is aware of respect for the environment - a Biosphere Reserve for 18 years - and its people have managed to live in balance with a hostile but splendid nature at times. Cars show exemplary respect for cyclists and runners find freedom amid lava fields.

A warm and friendly sea is offered to swimmers to train throughout the year, although sometimes when it gets raging you have to flee until the anger subsides. It is only a matter of listening to the earth, the trade wind and the noise of the saltpeter. If the Conejero farmer has managed to make the grape grow in the middle of the fire, there is nothing impossible in Lanzarote.

Completing the double Enduroman: 7.6 km swimming, 360 km cycling and 84.39 km walking could seem like a chimera. But when an athlete becomes obsessed with the goal, the limits become blurred. The test has three other versions, to involve a wide range of brave people. The Enduroman has a swimming course of 3.8 km, 180 km on the bike and a race of 42.195 km. In the middle Enduroman you have to overcome 1.9 km by swimming, 90 by bicycle and 21 on foot; and in the Olympic Enduroman, 1.5 km by swimming, 40 by bicycle and 10 on foot.

The test routes have been traced in the southwest of Yaiza, a charming municipality where some of the island's best kept secrets are hidden. The bicycles will roll along a circuit parallel to the coast of the Volcanoes Natural Park that surrounds Timanfaya. The swimming tests will be held in Playa Blanca, a fishing village where all the houses smell of the sea; and the race on foot will pass along the promenade that connects Playa Blanca with the Marina Rubicón marina.

To show that daring does not know the sexes, two women are already among those registered for the double Enduroman. Violeta Tatay, a 45-year-old dentist, is the first Spanish. Joanna Carritt, from England, who has been a professional triathlon since 2010, joins her on the short list. Triathlete Paul Thompson, winner of the Enduroman 2010, has already confirmed that he will participate again in the second edition, with the aim of improving his impressive mark of 29 hours and 14 minutes (the maximum time to complete the double Enduroman is set at 36 hours ). The athlete from Conejero Goyo Cáceres, who always sneaks into the best positions, will also start in February. They have also confirmed their participation Miguel Basurco, the first Spaniard to reach the finish line in the first edition, and Guy Rossi, who with his 64 years is a benchmark in world triathlon.

Lanzarote is 17 million years old and 110 volcanoes dormant in its jaws. The Island, plunged into a deep lethargy, maintains a constant pulse with the fire that stirs under its rocky skin. The strides that will lift the dust of the earth will not be able to wake her from her deep sleep. Athletes who dare the challenge can rest easy. Their tracks will be carried away by the trade winds, although the echo of their footsteps will remain etched in the eternal memory of the lava.


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