The two best comebacks of the WTS on foot

Mario Mola stars in one of the most spectacular comebacks of the season

After analyzing the times they did in the swimming and in the Cycling last season, it's time to analyze the Foot race, in its two sprint and Olympic formats that's why we selected the two best comebacks

Mario Mola's 1-minute comeback at the Montreal WTS (Olympic)

Mario Mola got his third world title this 2018. He won four WTS events, climbed to six WTS podiums and became the second Spanish in ITU history to win three consecutive world titles.

To achieve it, it was the mostApido at the WTS Montreal where he got the victory but not without fighting it.

When arriving at the T2, he did it with 1: 08 seconds behind on the head of race, but in the 10 kilometers of course he was reached and overtaking each of the competitors that had ahead to get the victory by marking a time of 00:29:48 in the running segment, getting the best time in the Olympic distance of the season.

But Mario did not leave it there, he also got the best time in the race on foot in Sprint distance with a time 00:13:59 in the WTS of Hamburg.

The comeback of the French Cassandre Beaugrand in the WTS Hamburg (Sprint)

It was at the WTS in Hamburg that Frenchwoman Cassandre Beaugrand won her first WTS race and possibly it was due to her fast race.

When she arrived at the T2, she was at 38 seconds behind the head of the race, but little by little she was cutting the difference to reach the lead and the victory of the race, achieving 5: 00: 15 also getting the best time of the year in a sprint distance test

OTHER STATISTICS of the running race

Fastest average race pace in the WTS:

M: WTS Hamburg - 00: 03: 00.966 by KM

F: WTS Hamburg - 00: 03: 27.008 by KM

Photo: ITU

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