The Federations of Triathlon and Cycling of the Valencian Community sign an agreement to promote the cross duathlon and the mountain bike

The Federations of Triathlon and Cycling of the Valencian Community have signed a historic agreement to promote its different modalities / The federated triathlons of the Valencian Community will be able to participate in a series of tests of the mountain bike circuit (BTT) of the Cycling Federation of the CV. Likewise, federated cyclists will also have carte blanche to be in various duathlon cross competitions.

The Valencian Community Triathlon and Cycling Federations have signed an agreement whereby triathletes may participate in some of the BTT races and cyclists in duathlon cross races.

Rafael Redondo, president of the Triathlon Federation, and Amadeo Olmos, head of the Cycling Federation, closed the agreement yesterday that will promote both the cross duathlon and mountain biking. The CV Triathlon Federation intends to give a definitive boost to the cross duathlon and directs its efforts to achieve it. If a week ago the Duathlon Cross Extremme circuit was presented, in which the events of Aspe, Santa Pola, Banyeres de Mariola, Elda and Moixent were grouped, now is the time for cyclists to also participate in tests.

In addition to the Duathlon Cross Extremme Circuit, federated cyclists will also be able to benefit from the agreement at the Autonomous of Riba-Roja and Bocairent.

On the other hand, the federated in triathlon will be able to be in the bicycle tour of Losa de Obispo, Monovar, Picassent, Alpuente, Salsadella, Pina de Montalgrao, Sagunto, Tuéjar, Onda, Sax, Villena, La Campaneta, Chelva, Vall d'Uixó , Tibi, Villafamés and La Nucía.

Redondo was very happy about the agreement: “It is a historic event in the promotion of our respective sports. Although the validity is relatively short because it affects only 2011, we hope to renew this agreement the season.


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