These are the fines for skipping the alarm state for doing sports

Penalties can range from 100 euros

Since last Sunday we have been in Spain in alarm status due to the crisis of coronavirus.

The approved decree limits movements to citizens, to prevent the spread of the virus and they will only be able to circulate through the streets and highways to acquire food, medicine and basic necessities and go to work.

This means that you can't go outside to play sports.

The lightest fines range from € 100 to € 600

In the event that refusing to comply with the orders of the agents of authority, a serious infringement would be contained and the sanction could range from € 30.000 to € 600.000.

Yesterday, the first cases of citizens breaking the regulations were already seen

Yesterday the first fines were imposed on people who had gone out by bicycle or running, as we can see in these images

These are the fines for skipping the state of alarm for playing sports, image001-45
TVE CATALUNYA / Mossos fining cyclists for going outside during the state of alarm.

This is the current regulations

-Citizen Security Law:

Details slight penalties of between 100 and 600 euroIt is those who remove fences, tapes or other fixed or mobile elements placed by the Security Forces and Bodies to delimit security perimeters, even as a preventive measure, when it does not constitute a serious infraction.

In the same way, disobedience or resistance to the authority or its agents in the exercise of their functions, when they are not constitutive of their agents or the allegation of false or inaccurate data in the crime processes, as well as the refusal to identify themselves At the request of the authority or identification, they will be sanctioned with a fine of 601 to 30.000 euros.

-The Public Health Law:

Collect iserious infringements, a fine of 3.001 up to 60.000 euros, to those who carry out behaviors or omissions that may produce a risk or serious damage to the health of the population, when it does not constitute a very serious offense.

In this case, the sanctions could range from 60.001 euros to 600.000 for the following cases: conduct or omissions that produce a risk or very serious damage to the health of the population; Non-compliance, repeatedly, with the instructions received from the competent authority, or non-compliance with a requirement thereof, if it involves serious damage to health.

-The Civil Protection System Law:

He points out that they will be serious offenses, from 1.500 to 30.000 euros, the breach of orders, prohibitions, instructions or requirements made by the heads of the competent bodies or the members of the intervention and assistance services, as well as the duties of collaboration with the surveillance and protection services of public or private companies , when it does not suppose a special danger or transcendence for the safety of people or property.

And very serious, from 30.001 to 600.000 euros, when this breach supposes a special danger or importance for the safety of people or property

-Penal Code:

The crimes of disobedience will be punished with the prison term of three months to one year or a fine of six to eighteen months, those who, without being included in article 550, seriously resist or disobey the authority or its agents in the exercise of their functions, or duly identified private security personnel who carry out security activities. private security in cooperation and under the command of the Security Forces and Bodies.

The reports drawn up by the different police and Civil Guard will be sent to the Government Sub-delegation, either by minutes or report, and if it is possible to make a photographic report of the action. Administrative sanctions, of course, can be appealed through the courts.


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