Non-flattening NASA wheels can now be mounted on bicycles

Smart Tire Company has announced that it will market airless bicycle wheels,

An American company called Smart Tire Company has announced that it will commercialize airless bicycle wheels, thanks to an agreement with NASA to use technology from Martian rovers.

In 2017, NASA invented for him Perseverance, One super elastic tires capable of adapting to the environment and with the characteristic that they cannot be punctured.

Tires return to their shape after deformation.

These wheels are made with Nitinol, a nickel-titanium alloy that has the property of restoring its shape after undergoing deformation.

By interlocking the Nitinol springs, the wheel acquires the elasticity and resistance necessary to be able to pass over the rocky and pointed surfaces of Mars without breaking.

The company is within the Space Act Agreement of The NASA

Finally this technology will reach the consumer from the hand of a North American start up The Smart Tire Company, a company that works with NASA to develop some of its inventions and bring them closer to the inhabitants of planet Earth.

This company, created in 2020, is within the Space Act Agreement, for which NASA commercializes its discoveries through other companies.

The wheel is light, does not puncture, does not require inflation

As stated on the company's website, the wheel they have created is light, does not puncture, does not require inflation And, if it weren't for the need for rubber covering to grip the road, it would be virtually indestructible.

Bicycle wheels will be the first step in the commercialization of inventions, since they also plan to launch into the market for car, truck and even airplane wheels.

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