The ETU 2012 winter triathlon series starts this weekend in Lygna Norway.

This version of the triathlon that combines running, mountain biking and cross-country skiing is constantly growing. The Spanish Winter Triathlon Championship will be held in Jaca soon.

For 2012 the ETU has expanded the number of tests for 2012.


• 15 January 2012 Lygna (NOR)                Winter Triathlon European Cup
• 29 January 2012 Schwanden (SUI)          Winter Triathlon European Cup
• 11 February 2012 Lahte (EST)                 Winter Triathlon European Cup
• 25/26 February 2012 Oberstaufen (GER)         Winter Triathlon European Cup
• 3/4 March 2012 Valsesia (ITA)              ETU Winter Triathlon European Championships
• 10/11 March 2012 Mals (ITA)                    Winter Triathlon European Cup
• 24/25 March 2012 Jamijarvi (END)                ITU Winter Triathlon World Championships

ETU President Philip Schädler commented "I hope that many athletes will seize this opportunity to compete in the winter series."

Most of the competitions have been part of these series for some years and the circuits are already familiar to triathletes.

He also asked all national federations to do everything possible to help their triathletes in attending these series with the aim of introducing the winter triathlon in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

"The winter triathlon is an attraction and very exciting for the public," he commented.

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