WTS warm up with new race formats

On May 15, the 2021 season will begin in Yokohama

The triathlon world is waiting for the date of the return to the competition of the highest ITU level.

With the Olympic qualification period underway since May 1 and with dozens of triathletes with the aim of qualifying in mind, the first appointment of the WTS arrives in the city of Yokohama

5 venues

The 2021 WTS will be played in 5 venues that will be played on Olympic distances and sprint, in a new format of two days of competition in 2 tests.

Each event of the Series in addition to scoring for the Olympic Games will award up to 1.000 points the world ranking.

Headquarters list 

Everything will be decided in the Edmonton Grand Final, where there will be 25% more points to distribute and that will announce the new triathlon world champions.

The points of the WTCS Bermuda y Abu Dhabi , rescheduled this year, will count towards the 2022 ranking.

News for this 2021

The new image of the ITU and the change of name to World Triathlon are not the only important news that we will have this 2021.

This year we can see the new Eliminator qualifying format in Montreal and Bermuda, while Hamburg celebrates two decades hosting high-level ITU tests.

The new format

The Eliminator is a new and intense format that takes place over two days of competition and on a circuit in supersprin distancet: 300 m swimming, 6 km cycling, 1,5 km running.

On the first day, 60 athletes will compete in the qualifying events.

The top ten from each race will move on the following day, along with ten more in the "play-off" for those who missed the cut (the top ten in the case of a single repeat, the top five from each in the case of two). ).

The 30 athletes qualified for the final round will prepare for the second day where they will fight for gold in three more super sprints.

At the end of the first race, the last ten to cross the line will be eliminated. At the end of the second, the ten finalists will also be eliminated.

The final race of the weekend will see the remaining 10 athletes compete for gold in an exciting final.

"After the last twelve months, we are ready, the athletes are ready and our host cities are ready to once again put on the greatest show in the world of triathlon in the revamped World Triathlon Championship Series”, said the president of World Triathlon. Marisol Married.

“The biggest names in the world deserve these big stages to compete in and the addition of a new format will make the Championship Series incredibly exciting, and the race to become the 2021 World Champions will come to a spectacular conclusion in Edmonton.”.

WTCS Yokohama returns to host the circuit for the eleventh time, the first of two WTCS standard distance events within the Olympic qualification period,.

The other test at this distance will be in June at WTCS Leeds which now begins and ends at Roundhay Park.

WTS 2021 Calendar

May 15
World Triathlon Championship Series Yokohama

5-6 June
AJ Bell World Triathlon Championship Series Leeds

10-11 July
World Triathlon Championship Series Hamburg

14-15 August
Groupe Copley World Triathlon Championship Series Montreal

21-22 August
World Triathlon Championship Finals Edmonton

16-17 October
World Triathlon Sprint & Relay Championships Bermuda

November 5-6
World Triathlon Championship Series Abu Dhabi

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