Laura Gómez and Fernando Zorrilla Champions of Spain MD 2024

Today, Saturday, May 18, a new edition of the Half Triathlon Pamplona 2024 where the Spanish Championship of Half Distance Triathlon.

This championship, expected by many, brought together some of the best triathletes in the country and where Laura Gomez y Fernando Zorrilla They were proclaimed champions, reaffirming their dominance in this discipline.

Women's Competition

In the women's category, the triathlete Marta Sanchez fulfilled the forecasts and was the first to leave the water followed closely by Helene Alberdi y Sofia Aguayo.

Laura Gomez, came out of the water late and had to come back on the bike, reaching the lead around kilometer 50 of the segment. to arrive first at T2 followed by Sánchez a few seconds behind.

In the 19,5 kilometer foot race, Marta Sanchez He came out first out of the transition, but Laura Gomez He quickly closed the gap and overcame it by completing the first lap. Helene Alberdi He consolidated his position in third position, maintaining a good pace.

Finally, Laura Gomez He defended his title with a solid performance, crossing the finish line in first place. Marta Sanchez y Helene Alberdi They completed the podium.

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Men's Competition

In the men's category, the 1.900-meter swim in the Alloz reservoir began with ander noain taking the lead, closely followed by Guillem Montiel y Guillem Roja.

The 85 kilometer cycling segment was dominated by Guillem Montiel at first, but Fernando Zorrilla He showed his strength and took the lead before kilometer 15.

Fernando reached the lead of the race in the cycling segment and in the foot race, with a good pace, increased his advantage

Finally, Fernando Zorrilla won his third consecutive title of Spanish Middle Distance Triathlon Champion, followed by Guillem Montiel e Ignacio Baldellou.

There are no previous results.

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