La Tour Geneve Triathlon: Spain in the top3 of the most represented countries

The test will have 2.800 participants

The countdown begins for one of the most attractive triathlons in Europe: Le Tour Geneve Triathlon, an event that has all the ingredients to be a success, as its figures show.

One of the most well-known cities in Switzerland, Geneva, has been hosting a triathlon with several distances, super sprint, sprint and olympic, and this year has added medium distance test.

50 nationalities represented

2.800 participants have already opted for this event that will last all weekend and that has several distances to choose from, accommodating anyone who wants to do triathlon.

As a relevant fact, it is worth mentioning that  Spain is in the TOP 3 of the most represented countries next to Switzerland, where there is a total of 50 nationalities represented

What are the main charms of LE TOUR GENEVE TRIATHLON?

  • You can swim in the Lake Leman with views of the Alps, and even if the day is clear, you can see Mont Blanc!
  • Un fast cyclist segment, which will give you the opportunity to go through one of the most emblematic points of the city: The Plaza de las Naciones where the UN Headquarters is located.
  • Enjoy an urban circuit, fast and accompanied by a public completely delivered

Do you have an idea? Do not miss the 2018 summary video!

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