The Super League Triathlon will have a full season at 2018-2019

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The 2018-2019 season will start in September and will have 6 events all over the world, although the 2018 will have 3 events and a Championship

 La Super League Triathlon has announced its plans for the 2018 season, where it is preparing to be the first high-level and most exciting series in the world that will attract new audiences around its spectacular format.

The newly formed professional league, which will enjoy his first full season of competition in 2018-2019, It is made up of a Championship and several Qualifiers around the world with the new format of several days of competition that will make the races extremely competitive.

The Super League Triathlon will have the best 25 male triathletes and 25 female triathletes in six races throughout the season. The top 10 male and female athletes secure their place in the Series Championship. Another ten places for men and women will be contested in the qualifying events.

Has been created five different formats,. This will really test the different strengths of different athletes, mixing the leader board as the season progresses. The formats are Enduro, Triple Mix, Eliminator, Sprint Pursuit and Equlalizer.

Before the Championship, a series of Qualifiers between April and August in three tests so that ten male and female professionals can win the 201 Championship8 The Qualifier series will also house massive participation races for age groups.

The series began in March of this year with its inaugural event to test the format on Hamilton Island in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. The race had an impressive impact instantly, reaching 388 million homes and received more than eight million impressions on Facebook. Richard Murray of South Africa was crowned men's champion and left with an AUD $ 100,000 award for his efforts.

The second event for 2017 was held on the British island of Jersey in September and gave the corporate teams the opportunity to be part of the Super League experience in front of fantastic crowds of more than 15,000 people in St. Heliers.

The total prize pool for the 2018-2019 Championship will reach USD 1.5 million, plus event bonuses and other prizes for athletes. This is the highest award ever awarded in a triathlon series and shows the commitment and support that the Super League Triathlon is giving to professionals and their professional development.

Confirmed dates and locations for the Championship and Classification Series will be announced at the beginning of 2018 along with the professional roster of the 10 best male and female competitors.

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