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Leó Bergere Triathlon World Champion 2022

After the women's event held yesterday, where Flora Duffy got the victory and world title, today it is the turn of the men's event where the show has not disappointed.

With the title at stake very tight with Hayden Wilde y Alex Lee to only 118 points, but with 9 athletes to win the title, the sights were also on the Norwegians Gustav Iden y Kristian Blummenfelt who are already competing in search of the Paris 2024 Games.

First out of the water was Mark Devay leading a tight group with all the favorites within a few seconds.

On the first cycling lap, a Grupetta of 13 units was formed with Vicent Luis, Leo Bergere or Jonathan Brownee, followed 30 seconds behind by another group with Wilde, Blummenfelt, Iden or Yee and the Spaniards David Castro and Sergio Baxter.

The leading group that was losing units knew how to maintain its advantage to reach T2 with a 35-second advantage over the pursuers with Wilde, Yee, the Norwegians or the Spanish.

Going through the first lap of the run segment Leo Bergere was first with a 5 second advantage over Jonathan Brownlee and 13 over a group with Devay, Schoeman and Luis. Alex Yee was 10th with a 4 second lead over Wilde.

In the second lap, Bergere was still leading and Alex Yee was already sixth at 25 seconds and led Wilde by 14.

On the last lap Bergerere was still leading with 8 seconds over Pearseon and 25 over Geens e Yee. Wilde was fifth at 14 seconds.

Finally Leo Bergere he claimed victory and the world title with a time of 1:44:14, followed byr Morgan Pearson (1: 44: 25) and third Jelle Greens (1: 44: 34).

fourth was Alex Yee y Hayden Wilde finished in sixth position. Yee has lacked a place to get the world title, if he had finished in third position he would have been proclaimed World Champion.

As for the Spanish Sergio Baxter was the best in the 16th position, David Castro 25º, Antonio Serrat 37º and Mario Mola 39o.

Top 10

Pos Athlete Country Time
1 # 3 Léo Bergere  FRA 01:44:14
2 # 62 Morgan Pearson  USA 01:44:25
3 # 4 Jelle Geens  BEL 01:44:34
4 # 2 Alex Yee  GBR 01:44:37
5 # 10 Matthew Hauser  AUS 01:44:51
6 # 1 Hayden Wilde  NZL 01:45:13
7 # 5 Vincent Luis  FRA 01:45:19
8 # 44 Kristian Blummenfelt  NOR 01:45:19
9 # 16 Joao Silva  POR 01:45:23
10 # 27 Matthew Mcelroy  USA 01:45:26

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