Leonie Pierault wins the Yokohama World Series

Anna Godoy sixth and one step away from Paris

The Yokohama World Series opened the 2024 triathlon season with an exciting competition under a scorching sun.

The French Leonie Pierault He won the victory, ensuring his participation in the Paris Olympic Games. The Spanish Anna Godoy He shone with a sixth place, being one step away from Olympic qualification.

The test began with Maya Kingma leading the swim, closely followed by Cecilia Santamaría y Anna Godoy. Miriam Casillas y Marta Pintanel They came out of the water with some delay, while Noelia Juan was left behind.

In the cycling segment, a group of 17 triathletes stood out, including Godoy and Santamaría. Pierault joined this leading group thanks to an exceptionally quick transition. Casillas led the chasing group.

The run race saw Pierault demonstrate his speed, crossing the finish line in first place with a time of 1:52:28. Taylor Knibb y Emma lombi They completed the podium. Taylor Spivey, fourth, also secured his place in Paris, like Kristen Kasper, fifth.

Anna Godoy achieved the best result of her career, a creditable sixth place, consolidating her position as one of the most promising Spanish triathletes. Flora Duffy y jennyfer arnold They completed the top 8.

Miriam Casillas, Cecilia Santamaría y Marta Pintanel They finished in 21st, 33rd and 45th place, respectively, while Noelia Juan The Spanish participation closed in 53rd place.

Female Top10

Job title Name Last Name Country Total time
1 Leonie periault FRA 01:52:28
2 Taylor Knibb USA 01:53:04
3 Emma Lombardi FRA 01:53:08
4 Taylor Spivey USA 01:53:25
5 Kirsten Kasper USA 01:53:34
6 Anna Godoy Contreras ESP 01:53:35
7 Flora Duffy BER 01:53:38
8 jennyfer Arnold BRA 01:53:43
9 Laura Lindemann GER 01:54:00
10 Kate waugh GBR 01:54:11

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