Lionel Sanders is 38 seconds away from winning the Montreal Arena Games

This morning the first test of the arena games of the Super League Triathlon in Montreal (Canada).

This fast-paced competition Mix the physical triathlon with the virtual with swimming in a pool, cycling on a treadmill and running on a treadmill.

In the Montreal test, the victory went to gina serene y Chase mcqueen, while the Canadian Lionel Sanders He has finished among the top 6 in the event, showing that he can compete at a good level over this distance.

Top 10

These are the classifications of the SLT Arena Games in Montreal

Montreal SLT Arena Games standings

Good debut for Sanders

Sanders, one of the biggest and most beloved characters in triathlon, put on a show in his debut in the short and Super League Triathlon.

A man accustomed to running in the middle and long distance, he achieved a record time on the roller doing 4 km in 5:06 minutes, in one of the most outstanding moments of the Super League.

The Canadian finished sixth overall, just 38 seconds behind the event-winning McQueen.

This competition consisted of 3 stages:

Stage 1st segment 2st segment 3st segment
Stage 1 200m swimming bike 4km 1km race
Stage 2 1km race bike 4km 200m swimming
Stage 3 200m swimming bike 4km t 1km race

The Arena Games 2023 series will continue in Sursee, Switzerland on March 12 and London, England on April 8.

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