Lionel Sanders will continue to train himself despite all the mistakes he has made

In the world of triathlon, few names resonate with the tenacity and spirit of improvement like that of Lionel Sanders.  

The Canadian athlete, recognized for his mental and physical strength, has shared in a video on his YouTube channel a deep reflection on his year 2023, marked by learning and self-criticism. 

In the video, he begins by highlighting the importance of recognizing reality in training and competition, especially as the years go by. 

Last season was an up-and-down road for Sanders. Despite impressive performances, such as at the Super League Games in Montreal, his year was marked by questionable training decisions and a series of inconsistent results. 

Additionally, he comments in the video about the knee injury he had in Miami, which led to his first withdrawal in a triathlon and how he recovered to get second place in the Golf Coast 70.3. 

Inspired by figures such as Jan Frodeno, Sanders does not give up and seeks to reinvent his approach to reach new heights. 

Sanders admits to having made mistakes in his training, alternating between excesses and negligence in recovery.  

However, his determination is ironclad. “I'm more motivated than ever,” she says. Despite suggestions to work with a coach, Sanders chooses to direct his own path, with his sights set on becoming a coach of elite athletes in the future. 

Additionally, he reflects on the need for a different approach in his training and coaching, recognizing the importance of recovery and scientific knowledge. 

Sanders' story is a testament to the importance of self-criticism and resilience. His experiences offer valuable lessons for triathletes and athletes in general, highlighting the importance of listening to the body and learning from mistakes. 

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