Lionel Sanders leaves his coach to go back to training himself

"I love running, I love pushing myself to the limit and that's what I'm going to do"

The Canadian triathlete media Lionel Sanders, has left the coach he had until now, David Tillbury, to return to training on his own.

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Sanders has commented on it in a video when he was chatting with photographer Talbot Cox.

"I feel like I went through a period of fear"says Sanders. “Fear of overtraining. Well it was when I was 'overtraining' myself that I had my best runs, so something needs to be said about it. ".

Lionel will participate this weekend in IRONMAN Copenhagen, where he will look for the slot for Kona "the goal of his career in Copenhagen is" hdo it well ... I really want to compete not explode the moment I see the front of the race".

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"Qwanna go back to old school basics, which is to swim the best you can, absolutely destroy the bike and destroy the race of an incredibly tough bike

This is how I will finish the rest of my career, none of the nonsense that I have been doing recently. 

There is an aspect of hearing outside voices and not listening to yourself and what you know is possible and I have certainly been a victim of fear ... of over training, of running too much and going too hard and what is going to happen. 

I love running, I love pushing myself to the limit and that's what I'm going to do ".

Sanders' ambitious schedule

It is clear that what the Canadian likes is to compete, after having already participated this season in 2 IRONMANS, one in the  IRONMAN Cour d 'Alene and another against Jan Frodeno will participate this weekend in Denmark and the following week in the Collins Cup in Slovakia.

Shortly after, he will return to Arizona to prepare for the IRONMAN World Championship 70.3 in St. George and after IRONMAN Hawaii in the month of October.

If Sanders does not qualify for Kona this weekend, he will compete in IRONMAN Sacramento instead of Hawaii.

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