Lionel Sanders will focus on IRONMAN 

On the international triathlon scene, few figures have generated as much interest and admiration as Lionel Sanders.  

After a period of reflection and a pause in his career, this outstanding athlete has made a decision that marks a new chapter in his career: Sanders has announced that, in 2024, he will focus fully on the Ironman Series, leaving aside the PTO Tour . 

This strategic move by Sanders is not just a competitive election; It is a declaration of intent and a reflection of his deepest ambitions. 

In his own words, “this season and this race began with Ironman and will end with Ironman”

His decision, discussed and weighed with various advisors and triathlon figures, including his reference Jan Frodeno, focuses on a clear goal: triumph at the Ironman World Championship in Kona.

Kona represents more than a competition for Sanders; It is the summit of his dreams and aspirations as a triathlete.  

The image of Frodeno crossing the finish line in this emblematic event is a constant source of inspiration for him.  

Sanders, known for his strength in cycling and running, acknowledges that he still has key areas to improve, such as swimming and efficiency on the time trial bike, to reach his full potential in Kona. 

To prepare for this monumental challenge, Sanders is taking a renewed and meticulous approach.  

This year, his training will focus on building a solid foundation from the start, avoiding the excess intensity that has cost him late in the season in the past.  

This strategy, combined with his well-known determination and ability to overcome, positions him as a strong contender for the championship. 

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