Lionel Sanders no longer trains with carbon shoes, this is why

The Canadian triathlete media Lionel Sanders has made a decision that has surprised the triathlon world.

Sanders, known for his tireless pursuit of perfection and constant improvement, has decided give up the use of carbon plate shoes in your training, a change in their preparation towards the Kona World Cup and the IRONMAN Pro Series.

This fit, although it may seem counterintuitive given the popularity and supposed benefits of modern sneakers, is a deeply personal and technical decision based on your experience and feelings during training and competition.

In his latest published video, Sanders explains in detail his reasons for this decision. “After three years of becoming addicted to them, I think you lose something by doing all your training with them".

The video reveals crucial moments of Sanders' introspection and technical analysis.

"Today I have 10×200, 5×400 and 10×200, and I don't know what to expect… I haven't tried to run that fast in normal shoes since 2020, so let's get some data.”.

"Without carbon plate shoes, I can't focus too much on the times: 71 seconds in the 400 is not very good, but the effort was very good...

It's been great, fun... Old school, we're doing old school hard work"He concludes.

Additionally, Sanders shares his thoughts on the importance of recovering certain lost sensations and the psychological impact of only wearing racing shoes on specific days.

"I think it's important for muscle recruitment. If you don't do quick sets, you become very lazy“he explains, highlighting the need to challenge the body and mind to achieve the best state of fitness.

After closing the 2023 season with mixed feelings, Sanders has decided to put all his efforts into recovering his best version.

With a third place at the IRONMAN 70.3 in Augusta and a single victory at the 70.3 in Oregon, Sanders is not happy and has promised his followers and himself to improve his performance.

"You won't see me compete again until I have something better to show you.“said the two-time IRONMAN world runner-up (Kona 2017 and St. George 2022).

To achieve his goal, Sanders is training with renowned swim coach Gerry Rodrigues and has undergone lactate testing in all three segments of the triathlon.

It is inspired by figures such as Jan Frodeno, seeking to leave the “stupidities” behind and focus on what is essential to achieve excellence.

The Canadian is currently 32nd in the PTO (Professional Triathlete Organization) rankings.

There are no previous results.

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