List of Summoned for the European Championship of Pontevedra

19 athletes make up the team of the Spanish National Team

The Technical Directorate of the FETRI has summoned 19 triathletes from the Spanish National Team (ten elite and nine junior) to participate on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 June in the European Triathlon Championship of Pontevedra.

List of summoned in female elite:

- Ainhoa ​​Mura

- Zuriñe Rodríguez

- Marina Damlaimcourt

- Marta Jiménez

- Maria Pujol

To see the entire convocation of ELITE FEMENINA visit the following link:

List of summoned male elite:

- Javier Gómez Noya

- Ivan Raña

- Jose Miguel Pérez

-          Mario Mola

- Ramón Ejeda

To see the whole call of ELITE MASCULINA visit the following link:

Junior female roster list:

-          Anna Godoy

- Camila Alonso

- Melina Alonso

-          Miriam Casillas

To see the whole JUNIOR FEMALE convocation visit the following link:

Male Junior List:

- David Castro

- Genis Grau

- Diego Paz

- Jordi Garcia

- Roberto Barral

To see the entire call for JUNIOR MALE visit the following link:

Source: FETRI

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