Professional list IRONMAN St. George 2022

IRONMAN has made public the list of professional triathletes that will be in the test that will be held on May 7.

At stake will be the first IRONMAN world title of the season, since in October the IRONMAN Kona where another World Cup will be played.

In the list of professionals we find in the male category Kristian Blummenfelt, Gustav Iden, Sebastian Kienle o Alistair Brownlee

In women Anne Haug, Daniela Ryf among others will start as favorites. The Spanish Gurutze Frades will be our only representative in the test

PROS List IRONMAN St. George 2022 Men

M2 Sebastian Kienle DEU (Germany)
M3 Gustav Iden NOR (Norway)
M4 Ben Hoffman USA (United States of America)
M5 Kristian Blummenfelt NOR (Norway)
M7 Braden Currie NZL (New Zealand)
M8 Bart Aernouts BEL (Belgium)
M9 Chris Leiferman USA (United States of America)
M10 Alistair Brownlee GBR (United Kingdom)
M11 Jan Van Berkel CHE (Switzerland)
M12 Michael Weiss AUT (Austria)
M14 Andy Potts USA (United States of America)
M15 Daniel Bækkegård DNK (Denmark)
M16 Lionel Sanders CAN (Canada)
M17 Sam long USA (United States of America)
M18 Florian Angert DEU (Germany)
M19 Kristian Hogenhaug DNK (Denmark)
M21 Matthew hanson USA (United States of America)
M22 Denis Chevrot FRA (France)
M24 Andreas Dreitz DEU (Germany)
M25 Kyle Smith NZL (New Zealand)
M26 Leon chevalier FRA (France)
M27 Cameron Wurf AUS (Australia)
M28 Sam Laidlow FRA (France)
M29 Justin metzler USA (United States of America)
M30 Andi Boecherer DEU (Germany)
M31 Tyler Butterfield BMU (Bermuda)
M32 Max neumann AUS (Australia)
M33 Matt Trautman ZAF (South Africa)
M34 Arnaud Guilloux FRA (France)
M35 Boris Stein DEU (Germany)
M37 Henrik Goesch FIN (Finland)
M38 David McNamee GBR (United Kingdom)
M39 Matt Russell USA (United States of America)
M40 Pieter Heemeryck BEL (Belgium)
M41 Adam feigh USA (United States of America)
M42 Matt Burton AUS (Australia)
M43 Kevin Portman FRA (France)
M44 Patrick Nilsson SWE (Sweden)
M45 Pedro Gomes PRT (Portugal)
M46 Jason pohl CAN (Canada)
M47 Mario Elias ARG (Argentina)

PROS List IRONMAN St. George 2022 Women

F1 Anne Haug DEU (Germany)
F2 Daniela Ryf CHE (Switzerland)
F4 Laura Philipp (Absent) DEU (Germany)
F5 Heather Jackson USA (United States of America)
F6 Skye Moench USA (United States of America)
F7 Katrina matthews GBR (United Kingdom)
F8 Linsey Corbin USA (United States of America)
F9 Maja Stage Nielsen DNK (Denmark)
F10 Gurutze Frades Larralde ESP (Spain)
F11 Angela Naeth CAN (Canada)
F12 Lisa Norden SWE (Sweden)
F14 Fenella Langridge GBR (United Kingdom)
F15 Jocelyn McCauley USA (United States of America)
F16 Sara Svensk SWE (Sweden)
F17 Nikki Bartlett GBR (United Kingdom)
F18 Ruth Astle GBR (United Kingdom)
F19 Laura Siddall GBR (United Kingdom)
F20 Laura Zimmerman DEU (Germany)
F21 Justine mathieux FRA (France)
F23 Renee Killey AUS (Australia)
F24 Kylie simpson AUS (Australia)
F25 Joanna ryter CHE (Switzerland)
F26 Haley Chura USA (United States of America)
F27 Kelly fillnow USA (United States of America)
F28 Meredith Kessler USA (United States of America)
F29 Rachel McBride CAN (Canada)
F30 Carolin Lehrieder DEU (Germany)
F31 Simone Mitchell GBR (United Kingdom)
F32 Tara grosvenor GBR (United Kingdom)
F33 Tessa Kortekaas NLD (Netherlands)

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