Spanish list classified for the Tokyo Olympics

The Spanish Olympic Team will go to the Japanese capital with a total of 314 athletes, among which there will be 183 men and 131 women.

Athletes will have to add the approximately 225 officers that will also be part of the expedition.

In total, the delegation that will travel to the Games will be made up of approximately one total of 539 people. 

List of classifieds by sport

Sport Spanish athletes
Track and field 48
Swimming 45
Hockey 32
Handball 28
Basketball 24
Soccer 18
Canoeing 15
Sailing 15
Biking 12
Gimnasia 9
Tennis 8
Judo 7
Rowing 6
Equestrian 5
triathlon 5
Boxing 4
Golf 4
Weightlifting 4
Taekwondo 4
Volleyball 4
Table tennis 3
Skating 3
Archery 2
Olympic shot 2
Karate 2
Fencing 1
Modern pentathlon 1
Mountain and climbing 1

List of Spanish athletes classified Tokyo 2020

You can find the complete list in this link tokyo_game_spain_list_2020

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