The Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote 2021 warms up. Provisional list of PROS

El IRONMAN Lanzarote That will be held this next July 3, it is already warming up engines and the professionals who will be in the test are getting to know.

As of today they are confirmed Ivan Raña, Patrick Nilson, Andi Boecherer, Alessandro Degasperi, Romain Guillaume, Laura Siddal o Michele vesterby among others. (You can check the provisional list below)

Registration open until June 13

Registration is still open for the test until June 13 and with the island's good epidemiological situation, the spectacular atmosphere of the test will surely be experienced again on July 3.

Long Distance Triathlon Military World Championship.

This year, the IRONMAN Lanzarote will also host the Long Distance Triathlon Military World Championship.

This became possible after the agreement signed between Club La Santa, the Higher Council of Military Sports and the Spanish Triathlon Federation.

40 slots for Kona

This 2021, competing in Lanzarote can give you the opportunity in addition to participating in the toughest test in the world, the option of getting a Slot for IRONMAN World Championship from Kona.

There is 40 at stake granting at least one for each age group.

Provisional list of professionals

Name Last name
Adam Hansen
Alessandro Degasperi
Alexandra Tondeur
Andi Boecherer
Anthony Costs
Axel Cellar
Carlos Aznar Galician
Chantal Cummings
Colin Norris
Dirk wijnalda
Domenico Passuello
Edwin dasselaar
Eneko Elosegi
Jer Redmond
Hans Christian Tungevik
Hubert hammerl
Ivan Frog
Jadran Domancic
Jenny Schulz
Jens Petersen-Bach
John Ferreira
Justine Mathieux
Kenneth Vandendriessche
Kristin Liepold
Laura Siddall
Margaret elfers
Maximilian hammerle
Melanie Baumann
Michael Patrick Alonzo McKernan
Michelle Vesterby
Mikkel Olsen
Nick Kastelein
Pamphiel pareyn
Patrick Jaberg
Patrik Nilsson
Pieter Heemeryck
Roman Guillaume
Sebastian Neef
Sebastian Norberg
seppe odeyn
Stefan Schumacher
stenn goetstouwers
Strahinja Trakic
To Schramm
Vinicius canhedo
Wouter gryp
Wouter Monchy

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