Triathletes confirmed to be in the Collins Cup

The captains of each team have already selected 4 triathletes to be part of the team.

Each team will be composed of 12 professional triathletes, six men and six women following this classification system

How have the triathletes been selected?

The team has been formed as follows:

  • 8 athletes (four men and four women) will be classified through the PTO Ranking,
  • 4 remaining athletes (two men and two women) will be selected by the captains

2021 Collins Cup Teams


  • Daniela Ryf
  • Anne Haug
  • Lucy Charles-Barclay
  • Holly Lawrence
  • Jan Frodeno
  • Gustav Iden
  • Joe Skipper
  • Patrick Lange
  • Kat Matthews (selected by captain)
  • Emma Pallant (selected by captain)
  • Sebastian Kienle (selected by captain)
  • Daniel Bækkegård (selected by captain)


  • Skye Moench
  • Heather Jackson
  • Jackie Hering
  • Chelsea Sodaro
  • Sam long
  • Rudy von berg
  • Matt Hanson
  • Ben Kanute
  • Katie Zaferes (selected by captain)
  • Taylor Knibb (selected by captain)
  • Chris Leiferman (selected by captain)
  • Justin Metzler (selected by captain)


  • Teresa Adam
  • Paula Findlay
  • Carrie Lester
  • Jeanni metzler
  • Lionel Sanders
  • Braden Currie
  • samuel appleton
  • Max neumann
  • Ellie Salthouse (selected by captain)
  • Sarah Crowley (selected by captain)
  • Jackson Laundry (selected by captain)
  • Kyle Smith (pick by captain)

What is the Collins Cup?

In this video you can see what this competition consists of


There are no previous results.

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