• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

The show comes with the first edition of the ProTour in Pontevedra

The ProTour was designed with the show in mind

The city of Pontevedra, one of the emblematic venues of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, will host the next 11, 12 and 13 in October, the first edition of the Protour.

A new competition created by the Spanish Triathlon Federation in which the 40 best triathletes in our country in feminine and masculine categories. The 12 day will also be played the Championship of Spain of Triatlón Contrarreloj individual, completing a spectacular triathlon weekend.

This first event will have as Pontevedra headquarters, chosen expressly by the Federation before the successes collected in the last World Multisport triathlon held almost two months ago.

The ProTour has been conceived for show, in a relatively small circuit in the area of ​​the Lérez River (between the bridge of the Tirantes and the pedestrian footbridge) with the aim of achieving a greater concentration of fans.

It will be possible to follow live

Hen/Stag competitions will be broadcast in streaming through the digital television platform LaLigaSportsTV, with two days of triathlon where the outcome of the tests will be followed.

Who can take part?

The participants in this first edition of the Protour will be:

  • The four best Spanish triathletes in the Ranking of the Olympic classi fi cation after the celebration of the Grand Final of Lausanne in 2019.
  • A place at the discretion of the Technical Directorate of the FETRI
  • 17 places the first classi fi ed athletes of the Sprint Triathlon Spain Championship and 18 places the first athletes of the Spanish Olympic Triathlon Championship.
  • Among all the triathletes that are classified, the Gold Group formed by 16 athletes (8 men and 8 women) and composed of:
    • 5 male international triathletes and 5 international women (the first 4 Olympic ranking after Lausanne and the two selected by the technical direction).
    • The four champions of Spain Elite, in men's and women's category (two in the Spanish Sprint Roquetas Triathlon Championship and two others in the Spanish Triathlon Olympic Distance Championship).
    • The 1º and the 1ª of the national ranking after the Championship of Spain of A Coruña.

Competition format

The competition will be in two days in super distancet formed in the following way:

1ª First day: 40 × 15.

They will be two consecutive Supersprint competitions, where the clock does not stop at any time.

The athletes start the competition, and they will be eliminating 5 in each sport discipline, since there will be two series throughout the course (250 to 300 m for swimming, 5 km to 8 km for cycling and 1,5 km to 2 km for the race).

Finally, there will be 15 athletes in the race who will finish the competition and receive points from 15 to 1, with 15 being the first classified athlete.

2ª Second day: Elimination supersprint.

The 40 athletes enter a random draw, where they will compete in the semi-final A or semi-final B, and from there the following test calendar is generated.

A decreasing score from 20 to 1 will be assigned, with 20 being the first or the first classified athlete. The final classi fi cation will be determined by the sum of the best scores of each athlete. In the case of tie points, the classification of the second day will prevail over the first.

The Protour will have an amount of 37.000 euros in prizes for both categories, 18.500 for the Men's Elite and other 18.500 for the Women's Elite.

The date chosen for these two official competitions of the Spanish Triathlon Federation has changed the Spanish Triathlon Championship for Relays / Couples and SuperSprint for Clubs held in Seville, which will be played in October and 26 in October, after analyzing the possibilities of the athletes themselves and both venues.

Source: FETRI

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