What you don't know about Challenge Peguera Mallorca

As in all competitions, in addition to the work that the triathlete can see when competing, related to the organization, supplies, post-goal, etc. there are many other tasks, actions, developments that perhaps are not so visible or are parallel, but that make the event more important.

This is the case of triathlon Challenge Peguera Mallorca. It is known to all that the test was chosen as the best challenge family test, largely due to its organization, the destination, the proposed circuits and its values: #todoparaelatleta #familia #sostenible # tod @ s

Today we explain some "things" that happen in the "back room" of CHMALLORCA and that we believe that it is important that you know, without a doubt, in our opinion, are weighty arguments to positively assess the test.

Compliance with sustainable development goals (SDG)

The CHMALLORCA organization works hard so that the event contributes to sustainable development and has a positive impact on the community. A) Yes the event incorporates different social actions, integration, environmental, recycling ...

For the 2021 edition, the organization focuses on the development of these three main actions.

Social action with people with disabilities

There are various goals of the SDGs that call for policies for the well-being of people with disabilities through health promotion as well as to stimulate insertion in the labor market under conditions of equality, so that together they enhance and promote inclusion social, economic and social.

CHMALLORCA carries out a collaboration agreement with the association of people with disabilities of the municipality of Calvià which will serve to help and give visibility to this group.

The association will be integrated into the organization of the event, and its users will be part of the volunteer and organization corpsThey will also receive a financial contribution of more than € 3.000, sports equipment, advertising and outreach spaces, etc.

The Forest Challenge

With the objective of contribute to the reforestation of one of the forests in the area, which in the past suffered a serious fire, CHMALLORCA proposes as a goal for this 2021, the planting of 1 tree for each participant of its tests in the affected area.

This action is carried out in collaboration with secondary schools in the area and the area responsible for the environment of the municipality of Calvià.

Elimination of single-use containers.

CHMALLORCA works on alternatives to the use of single-use containers in its tests. ANDThe objective is to be able to substitute this type of materials for others that allow them to be recycled.

All plastic or paper cups will be replaced by Drums that the athlete can use and keep, or throw them away in the established areas, where they will be disinfected and stored.

Reduction of the use of plastic and paper

CHMALLORCA puts the focus in this edition on limit the use of plastics and also the use of paper.

Therefore, it works in alternatives to replace all paper media (listings, magazines, flyers, etc.) for updating all the information on the APP, website and other online developments that allow quick access to information without the need to generate paper.

As for plastic, the use of this type of material will be limited in assemblies, in the exhibition area, in the packaging of products, etc.

For all this, Challenge Peguera Mallorca it's a special test, since in addition to gathering everything the athlete needs in a sporting event, it contributes with its development to improve the quality of life of people and the environment in which they live.

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