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Located by WhatsApp a cyclist who fell off his bicycle suffering several injuries

I send your exact location to the emergency services

A cyclist managed to be rescued thanks to the WhatsApp APP , after having suffered a fall with several injuries. The cyclist could send your location in real time to the emergency services, which has served to locate him and send a rescue

As reported by the website Iberobike, the events occurred last Sunday on the 13: 00 hours, when the cyclist pedaled with his bike in Pontevedra, Galicia, specifically in the vicinity of the parish of Santa Comba de Bértola in Vilaboa.

Everything indicates that the cyclist fell off his bike suffering Considerable injuries on one leg and one arm, which prevented him from moving from the accident site.

Thanks to the use of the WhatsApp APP, he was able to send the exact location to emergency services, so they could rescue him.

Do you know how to send your location with WhatsApp to 112?

Thanks to the new technologies and his mobile phone, he managed to contact the emergency number 112, and through the mobile messaging application of WhatsApp he was able to send his exact location to be attended.

Once the 112 had the exact geographical point of the cyclist's location, the Integrated Emergency Care Center was able to communicate nearest medical ambulance and the Civil Guard agents where the cyclist was wounded to be treated. The O Morrazo Fire Department also arrived at the place.

Once stabilized the cyclist was transferred to the nearest hospital where he recovers from the injuries suffered in his bicycle accident.

How to send the location in the WhatsApp App?

Thanks to this simple step that we should all know and practice, we can be taken care of anywhere in the geography, even when there are no roads, roads or points around us.

Simply open the WhatsApp messaging application, choose the contact where we want to send the location, in this case a number offered by the 112 emergency service itself, and give it to share location.

If we are in movement, we also have the possibility of send location in time real, so they can know at all times where we are and where we are going.

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