London will host the supertri E World Championship 2024

El supertri E World Championship powered by Zwif will be held at the emblematic London Aquatics Center the next 13 for April.

This event will be quite a spectacle with a competition that unites the virtual with the physical and it will be very fast.

The 2024 edition of the E World Triathlon Championships 2024 will have 60 athletes who will fight for the world championship.

The structure of the competition is as follows; a knockout series where the best 10 men and 10 women will be classified and will go to the late at night.

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The race format was designed to be especially intense, being divided into two main parts: the heats and the finals.


The heats will consist of two stages of swimming, cycling and running, with a short break in between.

The second stage will begin with a chase start, which adds a tactical and strategic element to the competition, since the triathletes will have to calculate their effort and pace to reduce the differences or maintain their position.


The finals will adopt the full supertri format of the Triathlon E World Championships, which consists of a unique competition sequence:

  • First round: Swimming – Cycling – Running
  • Second round: Running – Cycling – Swimming
  • Third round: Swimming – Cycling – Running

The choice of London as the venue is no coincidence; Its iconic aquatic center and the expected crowd make it the perfect place for this world championship.

In addition to the title, the event offers winners $7,500. It will also be an opportunity for athletes to add points to the World Triathlon ranking.

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