The fastest times in IRONMAN

The colossal performance of Jan Frodeno y Chrissie Wellington  has given a high to the lists of the best Ironman brands in history.

Jan Frodeno set a time of 7:35:39 in the Challenge Roth, the best record in the history of an Ironman distance triathlon.  Chrissie Wellington   holds the record in the female category with 8:18:13 also achieved in Challenge Roth 2011

These are the fastest Ironman times in history where Ivan Raña He has the best 16º time in history in the Ironman Austria 2014.

You can consult in this link the best times of the Spanish in IRONMAN

**Jan Frodeno he won Tri battle royale beating the world record in Ironman distance, with a time of 7:27:53 although not in official competition

Best times Ironman men

Time Triathlete Competition
7:27:53 Jan Frodeno Tri Battle Royale 2021 **
7:35:39 Jan Frodeno Challenge Roth 2016
7:37:46 Kristian Hogenhaug Challenge Almere 2021
7:39:25 Matt Hanson Ironman Texas 2018 *
7:39:25 Jesper Svensson Challenge Almere 2021
7:39:57 Ivan Tutukin Ironman Texas 2018 *
7:40:23 Tim Don Ironman Brazil 2017
7:41:33 Andreas Raelert Challenge Roth 2011
7:44:01 Tyler Butterfield Ironman Cozumel 2019
7:44:29 Lionel Sanders Ironman Arizona 2016
7:45:15 Reinaldo Colucci Challenge Almere 2021
7:45:21 Alistair Brownlee Ironman Western Australia 2019
7:45:22 Will Clarke Ironman Arizona 2018
7:45:59 Marino Vanhoenacker Ironman Klagenfurt 2011
7:46:06 Cameron Wurf Ironman Copenhagen 2021
7:46:10 Brent McMahon Ironman Brazil 2016
7:46:28 Joe Skipper Ironman Florida 2019
7:46:54 Cameron Wurf Ironman Italy 2019
7:47:12 Michael Weiss Ironman Cozumel 2019
7:48:11 Sebastian Kienle Ironman Cozumel 2017
7:48:43 Ivan Raña Ironman Klagenfurt 2014
7:49:32 Evert Scheltinga Challenge Almere 2021

Best times Ironman women

Time Triathlete Competition
8:18:13 Chrissie Wellington Challenge Roth 2011
8:19:13 Chrissie Wellington Challenge Roth 2018
8:22:04 Daniela Ryf Challenge Roth 2016
8:26:18 Daniela Ryf Kona Ironman 2018
8:31:05 Melissa Hauschildt Iroman Texas 2018 *
8:31:32 Anne Haug Ironman Denmark 2019
8:32:05 Sarissa de vries Challenge Almere 2021
8:34:22 Manon Genet Challenge Almere 2021
8:34:51 Caroline Steffen Ironman Melbourne 2012
8:37:36 Eva Wutti Ironman Copenhagen 2013
8:38:29 Laura Phillip Ironman Finland 2021
8:38:41 Carrie Lester Ironman Cozumel 2019
8:38:43 Teresa Adam Ironman Western Australia 2019
8:38:53 Mirinda Carfrae Challenge Roth 2014
8:38:53 Michelle Vesterby Challenge Almere 2021
8:39:24 Rebekah Keat Challenge Roth 2009

* The test was shortened but IRONMAN accepted the times as official.

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