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Those of Martin Fiz conquer for the third time the Skechers North vs. South

Near 9.000 runners gathered at the Skechers North Vs. South, which yesterday held an eleventh edition of record

A Pair of 9.000 brokers They enjoyed this weekend the healthiest pique through the streets of Madrid, which ended with the individual victories of Sergio Salinero (29: 53) and Noelia Martínez (35: 35) and an impressive joint victory of the North team, captained by Martín Fiz, who is already in his third year of comeback and places the marker in an 8-3 in favor of his rivals.

North or South. Two philosophies, two opposing feelings, and a healthy pique that marks the great farewell party of spring running in the capital. Near 9.000 runners gathered at the Skechers Norte Vs. South, which yesterday held an eleventh record edition of this duel marked by color and rivalry full of good vibes, ingredients that have made it one of the mostYou will get more crowd in Madrid.

At the 9: 00 hours the battle began on Mateo Inurria Street, next to Plaza de Castilla. Ahead, 10 kilometers approved very favorable, basically descending through the streets Pío XII, Serrano and Alfonso XII, and with Puerta de Alcalá and Cibeles as emblematic scenarios. The final meters on the Paseo del Prado, next to the Prado Museum, served to give the last brushstrokes to a journey that is an authentic work of art to enjoy the city center and run very fast.

The good weather conditions, with a mild temperature and absence of wind, did nothing but enhance the virtues of a circuit breaker. A) Yes, Sergio Salinero (North) returned to fly through the streets of Madrid and revalidated his triumph of the last edition. While the record was not in danger (29: 21), Salinero got the second best record in the history of the race breaking the barrier of the 30 minutes: 29: 54. The Skechers athlete José Spain Comendador, winner of the 2017 edition, took the second place (30: 15), while a great name of the Spanish athletics, Luis Miguel Martín Berlanas -all a Spanish record holder of 3.000 obstacles- completed a luxury podium.

In the female category, Noelia Martínez (North) broke with the streak of the dombenitense Raquel Gómez, winner of the last two editions, and took the individual victory in the Skechers Norte Vs. Sur. With 35: 35 in the finish line, she won in a tight duel the captain of the South team and record holder of the race, who crossed the finish line in the Paseo del Prado with 35: 46. The third place was for Beatriz Morillo, which also came down from the 36 minutes (35: 54).

Among the 9.000 runners, prominent figures of the national sport could also be seen, such as Diego García Carrera, 20km sub-champion marches in Berlin in 2018, who made the race fully marching, and the former Real Madrid footballer Álvaro Arbeloa, that, in spite of not arriving in his best moment of form, realized a great time in goal: 36: 24. The actor also lived this morning of running Álex González, who was intoxicated by the environment and shared with friends. A good reflection of the festive spirit of this race.

The North returns to fly high

After rewarding the fastest of the day, came the exciting moment to determine the overall winner of the Skechers Norte Vs. Sur. The magic of this race is that all runners can be champions. The participants, divided from the inscription in North or South, contribute their bit in the fight for the victory of their team, regardless of their level and the times they achieved in goal. Like all years, the team with the best average net time would win the honorary title of winner of the Skechers North vs. South.

This year the glory was taken by the North, who repeated triumph in a tight duel that was settled by just 4 seconds (49: 04 by the 49: 08 of the South). The captain of the North, Martín Fiz, shared the moment of celebration with a few hundred of his pupils who climbed with their green shirt to the top of the podium in the Paseo del Prado. A representation of a collective triumph, by the effort of so many thousands of northern runners.

The marker is still on the South side, 8-3, but #MadridSePica has only just begun. Martín Fiz wants to take the North where he deserves, at least to the draw in the battle, and Raquel Gómez is already thinking about the rematch for the 2020 edition, and that the South will again send in Madrid as it did in the past. But that will be next year, because in the next 12 months the North will be the incontestable king of the capital.


10K male

1.Sergio Salinero 29: 54

2.José Spain Commander 30: 15

3.Luis Miguel Martín Berlanas 30: 20

Female 10K

1. Noelia Martínez Cabañas 35: 35

2. Raquel Gómez 35: 46

3. Beatriz Morillo 35: 54


1. NORTH TEAM 49: 05


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