Athletes classified for Tokyo 2020, will maintain their place for 2021

57% of athletes already had the classification

The IOC, as reported in a statement published by  Thomas Bach, the president of the Olympic Committee.

According to the AFP agency, athletes who were already classified for the Tokyo-2020 Games they will keep their place for 2021, after the postponement of the Games by Covid-19

57% of athletes already had the classification

About 57% of the 11.000 participants who were going to participate in the Tokyo Games that already had the classification will not lose it, regardless of when the Games are finally held, decided the IOC and the international federations involved, meeting by teleconference this past Thursday. .

Thomas Bach (IOC President) explained the reasons for the postponement to the federations and then commented that athletes qualified for Tokyo-2020 would automatically be qualified for 2021.

One of the main issues was knowing when and how to organize the rankings. In some federations, many athletes are not classified and you have to count at least three months before the Games to organize them”

The new date of the games in the next 4 weeks.

“Thomas Bach confirmed that a decision on this issue will be made in the next four weeks.

The presidents of the federations propose different dates, some prefer it in May 2021, others in June.

The IOC and the Japanese government agreed on Tuesday to postpone the Tokyo Games, due to the coronavirus pandemic, making the Games of the 32nd Olympiad the first to not be played on the date originally scheduled since World War II.


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