The effects of the Heat Wave: The Santander Triathlon Madrid and the IRONMAN Nice are cut out

The heat wave that is suffering Europe has forced to cut the competitions

We have suffered for several days in Spain and other European countries a heat wave, reached record figures of up to 45 degrees in the central hours of the day.

Many times we have talked about how to train with heat, but competing at high intensities with these temperatures can be dangerous. For this reason, some competitions have chosen to cut their tests, to avoid athletes the dreaded heat strokes.

Two of them are the Triathlon Series Madrid and the IRONMAN of Nice, where it has been decided to cut some of the sectors of the competition.

In the Madrid test, where will participate more than 3.600 triathletes The organization has decided to establish the following distances in its competitions.

? Supersprint. 1 turn - 1,5 km
? Sprint. 1 turn - 3,8 km
? Olympic. 2 turns - 7,6 km
? Shorts. 2 turns - 7,6 km
? Half. 4 turns. 15,2 km
? Acuatlon 1 back 3,8 km
 In addition, Supersprint cycling will be developed to 1 lap of 5 km.

In the test that takes place in France, where Frederick Van Lierde will seek its sixth victory in the test, the head of the department has forced to cut the test leaving it with the distance 3,8 km of swimming, 152 km of cycling and 30 km of running.

This weekend is also the European Championship IRONMAN in Frankfurt (Germany), where high temperatures are also expected, although not as excessive as in Spain or France. In this test the race sector has been modified so that it passes through a park where there is a lot of shade.

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