The Brownlee brothers making history in Madrid, Noya third

Alistair Brownlee has managed for the third consecutive time in the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship to obtain the first place on the podium. His brother Jonathan Brownlee, did not want to be left behind and has entered a few seconds, getting second position.

With gold and silver in their hands, it is the first time that the Brownlee brothers have managed to get on the Podium together, after a lightning race of ten kilometers, where they fought until the last second to enter before the favorite in this test, the Spanish and current world champion, Javier Gómez Noya, Alistair, Alistar, has once again managed to come in first place in Madrid.


Alistair Brownlee commented that he was waiting for what might happen, but that he was really happy to have been able to share the podium in Madrid with his brother. It was in 2009, when he achieved first place in the Madrid Triathlon World Series, which was the beginning of a successful triathlon career.

“I was right, I knew this had to happen one day, and I said why not? Madrid can be, and it has been, "for me it has been a fantastic race" said the Triathlete.


Already approaching the finish line, Alistair waited for his brother to be able to enter hugging, always making sure that Alistair crossed the line first, “it was a special moment for me to share this entry into the finish line, we had done it other times in minor competitions recognition, but this has been really incredible "

Noya arrived third at the finish line, where he has not yet managed to take first position, since the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Series was held in Madrid. Noya claimed "I have tried, but I have not been able to keep up"

“They had a different pace than mine in the race, they were going strong. I tried the first lap, I expected that they would slow down, but it has not been like that and I could not follow them "

“I want to congratulate them, they have had an excellent race, good pace in the cycling segment and they have continued like this in the run, I can only say that I am impressed and the only thing I can do is congratulate them. I will continue training for the next time."

The three medalists were at the head of the race all the test, they were among the first of the water and continued in the first group of the cyclist segment formed by 11 triathletes, to 20 seconds of the second group.

The group included Javier Gomez Noya, the Brownlee brothers, James Elvery, Frederic Belaubre, Dmitry Polyansky, Alexander Brukhankov and Aurélien Raphael, who continued to increase their lead, despite a 400-meter climb that included a 12% drop, a small follower group consisting of Ivan Rana, Hirokatsu Tayama and Jan Frodeno

Noya, despite his third place, continues in the first position of the Dextro Energy Triathlon Series ranking with 1485 points compared to Jonathan Brownlee with 1480 points. Polyanksy is in third place in the ranking with 983 points. Alistair Brownlee takes the fifth position, after advancing more than 20 places in the Ranking. Next appointment, Kitzbühel.

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Jonathan Brownlee





Javier Gomez





Alexander Brukhankov





Dmitry Polyansky





Jan Frodeno





Frederic Belaubre





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Source: FETRI

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