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The best moments of the Triathlon in 2019

Spain continues to demonstrate that it is a power in this sport.

This 2019 has been a great year for the Spanish Triathlon, which continues to show that it is a Power in this sport.

For this and now that the year ends, we want to remember some of the many great moments He has left us this year and we have compiled the most important.

What is your best moment?

What is the best moment of triathlon for you in 2019?

-The return to the “ring” of Javier Gómez Noya

image001-33 The best moments of Triathlon in 2019 Triathlon News
ITU / Javier Gómez Noya on ls WTS 2019

The return to the ITU competition, and its fight for the World Cup and the Olympic games.

Javier Gómez Noya, decided to return this year to compete in the Triathlon World Series, managing to be third in the World Cup, and with an eye on the Tokyo Olympic Games.

In addition, to finish the season he has achieved his first victory in an IRONMAN, getting the Slot for Kona 2020

-The Mola runner-up

Mario-Mola-Heads-Triarmada-Abu-Dhabi-2019 Triathlon's best moments in 2019 Triathlon News
Mario Mola will receive the 2019 outstanding athlete award

This 2019 Mario Mola has once again proved to be one of the best triathletes in the world, with 3 bad tests in the world series, which separated him from the points for the ranking, he knew how to overcome and finally finish in the second position of the world.

In addition, with this position you already have the place for Tokyo 2020.

-Alistair, its passage over the long distance

image001-4 The best moments of Triathlon in 2019 Triathlon News
Instagram / Alistair Brownlee winning the IRONMAN Western Australia

This year has been the long-distance passage of the double Olympic champion, Alistair Brownlee, in 3 tests in which he has competed, he has won in 2 of them in Ireland and Australia.

In his debut of Kona it was 21st, but he already wants to try again,

In addition, he has already confirmed that he will fight to get his third Olympic gold in Tokyo 2020.

-The Triarmada in the 2019 World Cup

img_5dfc75994cecb The best moments of Triathlon in 2019 Triathlon News
AS / Mario Mola, Javier Gómez Noya and Fernando Alarza

Spain, is a world power in the sport of triathlon and this year has shown again occupying 3 of the top 4 in the world with Mario Mola second, Javier Gómez Noya Tercero and Fernando Alarza occupying the fourth position of the World Ranking, something that Few sports can get.

-The season of Pablo Dapena

pablo-dapena-gana-challengecape-town The best moments of the Triathlon in 2019 Triathlon News
@Challenge_family / Pablo Dapena winning the Cape Town Challenge

Pablo Dapena, has returned to make a great season this 2019, in the final part he has achieved a victory in the Challenge Cape Town, a second place in the Challenge Daytona, in a spectacular duel with Lionel Sanders and in the IM 70.3 Buenos Aires and the classification for the IROMMAN 70.3 World Championship.

In addition, he has been third in the Challenge Family Bonus Ranking with a great season where he has climbed several times on the podium.

-Jan Frodeno returns in style with a record in Kona.

jan-frodeno-frankfurt The best moments of the Triathlon in 2019 Triathlon News
IRONMAN / Jan Frodeno winning the IRONMAN Frankfurt

The German, Jan Frodeno has returned to Kona this year in style, getting his third world title and setting the record of the IRONMAN of Hawaii in a time of 7:51:13 improving that of Patrick Lange (7:52:39) in 2018.

-Gurutze Frades the fastest Spanish triathlete in history

image001-27 The best moments of Triathlon in 2019 Triathlon News
Instagram / Gurutze Frades reaching IRONMAM Hawaii 2019 goal

Gurutze Frades continues to make history in the Spanish spirit, this year has participated for the fourth consecutive time in the IRONMAN Kona, getting its best mark and finishing in the 15th position, in addition to establishing the best time achieved by a Spanish in an IRONMAN distance test in history

He did it in the IRONNAN Western Australia with a time of 8:49:41 and ending in the third `position. Guru has not yet achieved the Slot for Kona, but he will do so in 2020.

- Roberto Sánchez Mantecón's U23 World Cup

Roberto_Sanchez_mantecon_006 The best moments of Triathlon in 2019 Triathlon News

The young Valencian triathlete, Roberto Sánchez Mantecón got in Lausanne , the world title in the sub23 category, in a great season.

With this title, Roberto joins Javier Gómez Noya and Fernando Alarza as the Spanish triathletes who have won this title.

The Spanish performance in the Pontevedra Multisport Championships

image001-21 The best moments of Triathlon in 2019 Triathlon News
Salvador Sas / Dapena and Noya in Pontevedra

Spain won 7 medals in the Pontevedra Multisport Championship, with 1 gold medal and 6 Silver in the different modalities of the competition.

Javier Gómez Noya was first, Pablo Dapena and Judith Corachán second and Anna noguera third in the LD World Cup. Rubén Ruzafa silver in the triathlon cros, Kevin Tarek in the Aquatlon, Emilio Martin in the duathlon

The victory of Judith Corachán in the Embrunman

judith-corachan-gana-embruman The best moments of Triathlon in 2019 Triathlon News
@ activeimages / Judith Corachán winning the Embruman

triathlete Judith Corachán He has made a great season, with a victory at Embruman, one of the toughest triathlons in the world.

In addition, it has taken the victory in Zarautz, the runner-up of the LD World in Pontevedra, a third place in the IM Vitoria and the second in the IM 70.3 of Marrakech consolidating itself as one of the best triathletes in our country.

Anna Noguera's Slot for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship

image001-50 The best moments of Triathlon in 2019 Triathlon News
Anna Noguera arriving at the finish line at the IRONMAN 70.3 CAscais

Anna Noguera, in the past, IRONMAN 70.3 of Cascais, something that had long been expected, the Slot for the IM 70.3 2020 World Championship, demonstrating its progression in this distance.

With the second place of the test, he has made sure to be in New Zealand.

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