The best times in the cycling of the Triathlon World Series

We compile the times and the best performances of the 2018 in the cycling segment

Yesterday we published the best times for professionals in the swimming segment of the WTS, today we do the same but with the cycling segment.

In the WTS, the cycling segment can be decisiveThis past season we have seen attacks that have broken the race, strategies to leave the favorites hanging in the group and spectacular scenes due to highly technical circuits. We collect the best performances of 2018 that earned the protagonists victory

The best times in the WTS and Triathlon World Cups

Top WTS Ciclimo- 20KM

  • M: Jelle Geens (BEL) - 00:26:03 in WTS Edmonton
  • F: Taylor Knibb (USA) - 00: 28: 29 - WTS Edmonton

Top WTS Bike - 40KM

  • M: Kristian Blummenfelt (NOR) - 00:55:27 in WTS Leeds
  • F: Vittoria Lopes (BRA) - 00: 58: 49 in WTS Leeds

Top World Cup - 20KM

  • M: Reinaldo Colucci (ITA) - 00: 25: 20 in Sarasota WC
  • F: Sarah Alexander - 00: 27: 44 in Sarasota WC

Top World Cup - 40KM

  • M: Bence Bicsak (HUN) - 00: 54: 56 in Astana WC
  • F: Anastasia Gorbunova - 01: 02: 38 in Astana WC

WTS Media:

  • M: WTS Edmonton - 46.751 KM / HR
  • F: WTS Edmonton - 41.914 KM / HR

The best 2018 cleavers

The 30 km solo of Carpes Stornes at WTS Bermunda

The Norwegian Carpes Stornes, starred in the WTS in Bermuda one of the most spectacular escapades in the segment. After leaving the water in position 24, he was climbing positions to take the lead at km 10 and leave alone for T2. Did it to a Average pace of 38.8 km to end up with an 1: 09 advantage over the pursuer, which earned him his first win in a WTS

The 38 km solo of Flora Duffy at WTS Bermunda

In the female category, the Bermudan Flora Duffy is the one that takes the "title" to the best cyclist action. Flora has accustomed us to spectacular segments, pulling alone or leaving alone.

But his best performance at the 2018 was at the WTM Bermuda, where traveled solo 38.38 km

Flora was the first in swimming and on the bike, although she was riding accompanied for 1. 7 km, she left alone the 38,3 km to the delight of her family doing a media of 36 km / h. Duffy bequeathed the T2 with 58 seconds ahead to finally win the race.

Photo: ITU

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