The 2019 objectives of Carlos López, a reference for Long Distance in Spain.

Carlos managed after fourth place, achieving in the IM Hamburg, the pass for Kona

Of all is known the name of Carlos López, father, husband, worker and tireless fighter to achieve a dream: qualify as a professional to participate in IRONMAN Kona.

Carlos managed after fourth place achieving in the IM Hamburg, and his victory at 2016 in the IRONMAN Mallorca   the pass for Kona, but his dream tricked him hit by a vehicle to just under two months of the test.

Two years later, he continues competing with his club in distance Olympic tests as well as Medium and Long Distance. "I have sequels, a fibrosis in the muscle does not allow me to develop muscle mass in one leg, so my performance is not at 100% as before 2017.

This is so, however I keep training to try to perform at the highest level", he told us in the interview during the celebration of the international event Portocolom Triathlon "I will go to IRONMAN from Vitoria this year, what if, when I go out, I go out to win.

It's always in mind to get a slot as a professional again for Kona, what is not so sure is if I qualify if I would compete this year " The Balearic triathlete told us with a smile of complicity "the same weekend a friend marries"

The Balearic triathlete was on the starting line of the  Portocolom International Triathlon, where it came out in first position of the water "I've been crazy for a few weeks at work, these days have missed two of my colleagues and this has made the days lengthen, which influences not only at the time of training, but especially in the break " he told us in the transition zone "Despite getting up this morning very tired I did not want to lose being on the starting line today, I wanted to enjoy the test, the environment and even if it was only in the swimming segment "

How do you combine work, family and training?

"As I have commented these last months have been complicated, with lack of time and more focused on being able to get work done due to the lack of people on the staff. Until the time has changed, I have not been able to train as I would like, especially on the bike, but you can always try to compensate with roller training and with focus if you go out at night with the bike, although clearly the ideal conditions ”

The 2019 objectives of Carlos López, a benchmark for Long Distance in Spain. ,image002-15
Carlos López training

"The tests I can travel to are quite limited "

"It's been a few months of joining forces with the work team for the lack of two of the partners, and this makes the flexibility to take days this more limited.

If I decide to go to a competition in most cases I have to go Friday afternoon and return Sunday afternoon ... .In addition this year I do not have sponsors "


"My short-term goal will be in May when I will do a couple of Olympics in Mallorca and the Spanish Team Triathlon Championship where we will go out together and the objective will be to perform to the fullest with the swimming team and the cycling sector.

Then I will participate in the Balearic Championship, and then on June 15 to compete in the Rioja Triathlon, and then the objective of the season the IRONMAN from Vitoria.

Already in summer, the safest thing is to go to Embruman, since I will take advantage of the vacation week to see the bike circuit and know the race from inside. I will not go to dispute it since there is little difference to recover between Vitoria and Embrun, but I will participate for next year.

I'm going to Vitoria to win, today I do not have in mind going to Kona, but this does not mean that I will go for the test. Go or not go to Kona, whenever I go on an IRONMAN I pay the maximum and in search of the classification.

The final part of the season is not clear to me, what if I will go for sure is the Spanish Middle Distance Championship. I have nothing closed, I will do two media and then the MD Cto.

From Triathlon News we wish you a great season and to return to retake the feelings of 2017 to have you back to the great level that we had accustomed.

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