Mario Mola and Katie Zaferes' career partials at the WTS Abu Dhabi

Mario Mola has earned his 14ª victory in this distance

The last weekend was the starting signal for the season of the 2019 Triathlon World Series, where we saw the victory of Mario Mola Y Katie Zaferes in Abu Dhai

Mario Mola is King of the Sprint Triathlon with 14 elite victories in this distance, where he has managed to lose 3 times of the 14 minutes in the 5 km of the foot race.

In the race of Abu Dhabi He showed that he is at his best level, so an interesting season awaits us watching a duel with Fernando Alarza y Alex Yee among others

These are your career data:

  • Swimming: 8: 50 - 750m
  • Cycling: 27: 48 - 18.6km
  • Race on foot: 14: 00 - 4.9km
  • Total time: 52: 00 - sprint
Partial Mario Mola WTS Abu Dhabi

As for the winner in the Katie Zaferes test, these are her data

  • Swimming: 9: 08 - 750m
  • Cycling: 28: 55 - 18.6km
  • Race on foot: 16: 09 - 4.9km
  • Total time: 55: 31 - sprint
Partials Katie Zaferes WTS Abu Dhabi

There are no previous results.

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