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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Lucy Charles-Barclay wins IRONMAN France in Nice

The IRONMAN World Champion in 2023,  Lucy Charles-Barclay achieved victory in the IRONMAN France held yesterday, marking his first victory of 2024 and validating his Slot in the IRONMAN World Championship which will be held in this same city next September.

With a total time of 9:03:22, Lucy He has dominated every segment of the competition, especially standing out in the marathon, where he recorded an impressive 2:49:54.

From the beginning, Lucy He took the lead in the swim, completing it in 50:00, and continued to extend his lead in the bike, a phase of the triathlon that included more than 2,500 meters of elevation gain.

Despite the demanding nature of the route, Lucy He maintained a constant and effective pace, something that allowed him to reach the transition with a considerable advantage.

During the race, her performance was relentless, consolidating her leadership and leaving behind competitors such as the Czech Barbora Besperat and the German Merle Brunnee, who finished more than fifteen minutes behind.

Anne Haug, recent winner of the Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote, also competed in Nice but at the 70.3 distance of the IRONMAN, taking the victory in the test.


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